Monday, January 31, 2011

Facts About Population - strangefacts

  • In Uganda half the population is under 15
  • The world’s population has been increased 3.1 billion in last 40 years
  • Approximately one-third of the population can't snap their fingers!
  • The minority population of Los Angeles County, California (7,000,000 people) is larger than the total population of 38 states
  • Loving County, Texas is the emptiest county in the United States. The population in 2004 was 52 people. Yet it still received $30,000 in anti-terrorism funds from Homeland Security
  • In 2030, almost half of the United States' population growth will be in three states: California, Florida and Texas.
  • The world population of chickens is about equal to the number of people
  • The world's population grows by 100 million each year. Some 950 million people in the world are malnourished
  • 5% of the world population lives in the US but 22% of the world's prisons population are held in the US
  • In 1800 on 50 cities on earth had a population of more than 100,000
  • Medical reports show that about 18% of the population are prone to sleepwalking
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