Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Indus Blind Dolphins - strangefacts

  • Blind Dolphins are found only in the Indus region and the Ganges, in south Asia. Unlike other dolphins, blind dolphins are found in rivers and not the sea.
  • These river dolphins are the only species in the world to have eyes without lenses! Instead, they have sound imaging skills called echolocation, which is a very sophisticated sonar system that helps them swim through the muddy rivers.
  • They swim on one side underwater, and keep close to the bottom of the riverbed, which helps them navigate and find food.
  • There are fewer than 4,000 to 6,000 blind river dolphins left and the number is fast decreasing.
  • The Indus Dolphins have a long beak, a small low hump, and wide flippers. An adult can weigh 150-200 pounds (70- 90 kilograms).
  • The Indus and the Ganges dolphins can also survive in waters only three feet deep! Although they are slow swimmers, they can move in rapid spurts when they need to.
  • They breathe through their blowholes with a loud sound that sounds like a sneeze, and can be heard from quite far away.
  • The blind dolphins are an endangered species. That means, they will all die out unless we protect them. The dolphins are threatened by chemical and other pollution, dam building, accidental entanglement in fishing nets, and by humans hunting them for their meat as well as their oil, which people think has medicinal value.
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