Friday, February 4, 2011

Facts About UFO - strangefacts

  • Jimmy Carter once reported a UFO in Georgia 
  • The odds are 1 out of 7 (14%) that you think you saw a UFO
  •  The first men to walk on the Moon reported seeing a UFO. NASA officials told Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to keep quiet about it
  • Someone on Earth reports seeing a UFO every three minutes
  •  There are UFO reports in newspapers and literature dating back to 1865 
  •  The United States Air Force coined the term 'UFO' in 1952
  • In the US, UFO sightings are most likely to occur in July, at 9pm or 3am
  •  The Famous UFO sighting is in Hangzhou China in July, 8 2010 due to which whole airport had to be shutdown at 9 pm
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